About us

We are a Chilean company  focus on Blockchain technologies applied to business solutions. Our company is an IBM Business Partner focused on Blockchain Platforms and Solutions. Our mission promotes an atmosphere of learning and innovation around Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies to the industries, startups, government, and academia. We have a special interest in projects to positive social impact in developing countries in Latin-America.

We help to get groundbreaking and fair transformation to society

Our route map focuses on accompanying the key agents of the development of society such as the private and public sector. With the aim of breaking the existing gap between blockchain and the business problems that distributed and decentralized technology can solve.
Our purpose is to contribute to the informative and technological development of society, business, academia and government, generating spaces for discussion and learning that allow reducing the digital divide regarding decentralized technologies such as blockchain, equalizing the level of opportunities of learning, promoting entrepreneurship, supporting the generation of competitiveness of the industrial sector through the use of technology, raising the level of knowledge and identity of the community, strengthening and expanding the critical capacity, representation and propositive essential in any group organized human.

Every day we are searching more and more opportunities to our members, adding more talent, and collaborating with startups.  Our members come from a varied human, cultural, professional and technological background, in addition to several service companies and products related to the blockhain world. We collaborate with several organizations with similar purposes established in North America.