Why ignoring security seals will cost you time and sales

We’ve all seen them before. Security seals that promise to keep your items safe and secure, but do they work? Security seals can be found on everything from a box of cereal to a new car. They have been around for decades, yet their effectiveness is still being debated. So what are the facts? Do security seals work or not? In this article, we’re going to answer these questions, and more so you can decide if adding a seal will help protect your items from thieves or not!

What are security seals and labels?

Security seals are adhesive labels that can be used to seal items. They may seem like a small plastic strip. Still, they contain metal wires woven throughout the material to make it very difficult for someone trying to remove the label by force, which would cause permanent damage if done incorrectly. These security devices have been around since at least 1844 when George Carl Herlitz invented his version of these devices in Germany. Today there are many different security seals available on the market with features such as tamper evidence, anti-counterfeiting measures, and even temperature resistance properties, so you know your product will not lose its integrity while being shipped across long distances or stored at extreme temperatures!

customer unbox package

Why do customers prefer these seals?

There are several reasons why these security seals and labels have become so popular, such as those from Authena. For one, they provide proof that the product has not been tampered with as there is no way for someone to remove the seal without breaking it, which would leave apparent signs of tampering! These devices also serve as an excellent deterrent against counterfeiters, since significant brands such as Apple use them on their products to maintain brand integrity and authenticity. In addition, many manufacturers see adding a seal or label can be a cost-effective method since it only takes about 15 seconds per item to place one onto your goods before it’s shipped out from your warehouse!

How do you lose sales when you don’t use these seals?

For one, major retailers will not want to work with you if your products do not have any security seals on them! They know customers will be hesitant about purchasing items that lack these labels because it could indicate the product is fake or was tampered with. If a customer decides they don’t trust the authenticity of your item for this reason, then chances are they’ll purchase something else instead without even giving yours another thought. In addition, shipping providers such as FedEx and UPS won’t accept packages unless there is some anti-theft device applied onto each box which means using security seals can save you time trying to figure out other ways around their policies. Finally, customers who feel confident in knowing what’s inside their package will likely purchase from you again in the future.

Security seals are an excellent way to provide customers with peace of mind that your product is secure. They can also help save you time and money when it comes to shipping! If you found this article helpful, please be sure to share it with others who may benefit from reading about these valuable devices.